Find a Professional


Hiring Other Home Building Professionals:
When you are hiring a home improvement professional, it is of critical importance to find a trustworthy, licensed professional for any work that includes carpentry, drywall, concrete, insulation, plumbing, painting, flooring and tile. Consider these items when hiring the following:


  • Confirm that the bid includes removal of any fixtures that need replacing, such as an old tub.
  • Ask what the minimum and hourly charge is. Also ask if 24-hour emergency service is available and about any additional costs they foresee.
  • Ask regarding credentials. Are they a Master Plumber? Do they hold additional licensing/certifications in specialty plumbing?


  • Have the painter inspect the site before submitting a bid. Make sure multiple quotes cover the same specifications (all preparation including lead paint removal, areas to paint, number of coats, and paint brands and colors.)
  • For Pre-1978 homes, ensure painter provides proof of RRP certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Make sure you understand how many coats the painter’s proposal includes.
  • Discuss the painter's preferred methods of paint application (spraying or hand painting), as well as paint removal (torching, sanding or using chemicals.)
  • Make sure your contract holds the painter responsible for cleaning paint spatters from all surfaces and that both your property and adjacent property (such as your neighbor's car) is protected. Remember that unlicensed painters are not liable for damage - you are.


  • Tell the electrician what you need done upfront. Electrical contractors do not necessarily handle all kinds of jobs.
  • Only licensed electricians can obtain necessary permits. By law, they are responsible for the work and for fixing any problems the building inspector finds.