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In this messy world of politics, we are often sidetracked by the partisan debate and lose sight of the importance and power of connection, partnership, and presence. This week, thousands of home builders and those that support our industry walked the marble halls of The Capitol and the adjoining office bulidings that hold our nation's congressionally elected officials.

It was my honor to join the South Carolina delegation led by our state lobbyist Alex James for meetings with many of our strongest allies on the Hill. In large and small groups, we made the case for our greatest pressures.


Our developers and builders know firsthand the soaring cost and shortage of electrical distribution transformers. We discussed the real impact of these shortages and urged our delegation to work across the aisle to utilize the Defense Production Act to boost output at existing facilities to address the growing supply chain crisis.

Energy Codes:

We encouraged the Senate to introduce and advance already passed legislation in the House (HR 1) to repeal incentives for state and local governments to adopt energy codes and standards that will dramatically increase the cost of housing. With an already critical shortage of housing, and a growing affordability issue, now is not the time to add increased costs and regulations.

Workforce Development Funding:

Nearly 2.2 million new construction workers will be needed over the next three years just to keep up with demand. Congress needs to reauthorize the Workplace Innovation and Opportunity Act to help ease the residential construction industry’s severe workforce shortage and to fully fund the Jobs Corps program, which is a vital source of skilled labor for our industry.

A healthy housing market is critical to a strong and vibrant economy, but the challenges to the home-building industry have never been greater. While we advocate for market-driven solutions, Congress can play a pivotal role in moving housing and the economy to higher ground. To learn more about how you can become involved in the Association’s advocacy work, please reach out.


Adrian Cain

Executive Director

Charleston Home Builders Association

To learn more or join our Legislative Committee email Adrian Cain.

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