2020 Advocacy in Review
In collaboration with the HBASC and NAHB, as well as our partners the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors® and Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, the following is a list of some this year’s legislative efforts. Thanks to all the hard work from our Legislative Committee and Build PAC fundraising, the CHBA was successful in protecting private property owner’s and builder’s rights across the Lowcountry. To take our “Top Ten Development Problems” survey, click here.

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Our Legislative Committee...
  • Collaboratively worked with over 30 local municipalities and building officials

  • Monitored over 500 government and local organization meetings

  • Raised $15,000.00 for SC Build PAC

  • Reviewed 86 candidate running for office, of the 40 endorsed 32 were elected

  • Hosted half a dozen meetings with local building officials and industry representatives

  • Began quarterly meetings with mayors, building officials, and planning staff

  • Launched the CHBA Builder Blueprint initiative to educate the public on housing solutions

  • Cataloged a comprehensive list of regulatory issues faced by builders

  • Reconvened our Engineering Taskforce to provide rapid feedback to policymakers

  • Hosted meetings with our legislative delegation on programs addressing our labor shortage

Partnered with...
  • One Berkeley initiative to conduct a 20-year needs assessment for the county

  • Charleston Trident Association of Realtors Legislative and Candidate Screening Committees

  • Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Business Advocacy and Regional Policy Committee

  • One Region Reignite program to help businesses in reopen after the Covid-19 lockdown

  • Housing affordability advocates in facilitating the South Carolina Home Attainability Conference

Advocated against...
  • Eliminating cluster development ordinances

  • Down-zoning of properties 

  • Construction moratoriums  

  • Mt. Pleasant’s double taxation policy

  • Excessive new home construction impact fees

  • Zero-net-fill construction ordinances

  • Excessive flood regulations

  • Urban growth boundaries

Advocated for...
  • Remote meetings for development approval in during COVID-19

  • Designating construction as an essential service

  • Streamlining the inspection and development approval process

  • Affordable Housing Funding

  • Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs) program

  • Increased funding and focus on drainage system maintenance

  • SC Building Codes Council updates

  • Business License Reform

  • LiDAR mapping use and funding

  • The Be Pro Be Proud S.C. Workforce Initiative

  • Cares ACT funding assistance for the construction industry and associations

To learn more or join our Legislative Committee email  Patrick Arnold