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As we wrap up a record-breaking summer for home building, let’s take a quick moment to highlight some of our current projects and challenges facing the construction industry. But first, we owe an enormous amount of gratitude to former Director Ashley Valdivieso for all she’s done for the organization these past 5 years. Ashley has joined the team at Majestic Kitchen & Bath and her successor, Janine Iavaroni, will be happy to take care of all your events and program needs.

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​COVID-19 Virus Update

With the number of hospitalizations sharply increasing in Charleston, we encourage all members to lead by example in following CDC guidance on vaccination and OSHA recommendations on workplace safety. Another way you can help is by completing the One Region Roadmap: Opportunity for All Survey to help our local business development partners better understand the impact of COVID and create a roadmap for recovery.   

Housing Affordability

Our signature legislative priority, housing affordability, is a growing crisis for the Lowcountry. NAHB’s latest estimates show that, nationally, 75.1 million households (roughly 60% of all U.S. households) are already unable to afford the median-priced ($346,577) new home. That’s why we have produced our Housing Affordability Policy Guide to help educate planners, politicians, and the public on the 5 best ways to bring down the cost of construction.


Build PAC

With local elections just around the corner, your investment in the South Carolina Builders Political Action Committee (SC Build PAC) is more important than ever. SC Build PAC is a non-partisan committee that provides financial support to local and state pro-building industry political candidates. Political contributions are solely funded by voluntary PAC donations, never member dues. Help do your part to protect our industry by clicking here and investing today.


Patrick L Arnold

Patrick L. Arnold

Chief Executive Officer

Charleston Home Builders Association

To learn more or join our Legislative Committee email  Patrick Arnold

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