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P R I S M  Awards & Gala

The PRISM Awards & Gala was developed in 1988 by the Charleston Home Builders Association’s Sales & Marketing Council to recognize excellence in the field of sales, marketing, construction, and the promotion of new homes.


Over the years, the PRISM Awards & Gala has grown to encompass the growing market segments of the housing industry, such as green building, remodeling, development, and the Associate Membership sector.


We are excited to host the 34th Annual PRISM Awards & Gala.  All information on applying and purchasing tickets is below.  This year, the Gala is open to all members of the CHBA to join in an eventful evening of the best of the best in the Lowcountry! It will take place on November 2, at Marriott Charleston.  

P U R C H A S E 


S U B M I T  Y O U R  E N T R I E S

  1. Read the INSTRUCTIONS HERE. All submissions are required to be submitted electronically.      Do not submit hard copies of any kind. They will NOT be accepted.

  2. Find the CATEGORIES HERE.

  3. CLICK HERE to submit entries. You will need to create an account since it is through a new site. Once you have logged in, you can submit all entries.

  4. CLICK HERE to fill out the entry recap form and send to

2 0 2 2  Award  W I N N E R S

M A R K E T I N G  &  S O C I A L  M E D I A 
Website Design  -  Builder  |  Ashton Woods Homes
Print Media Campaign  |  Liberty Hill Farm  -  K. Hovnanian Homes
Digital Media Campaign  -  YouTube  |  Behind the Block  -  Hunter Quinn Homes
Digital Media Campaign  -  Other  |  HuMungo Money  -  Mungo Homes
Social Media Campaign  -  Associate  | Swimming by Summer  -  Aquatica Pools & Spas
Social Media Campaign  -  Builder  | Summerville New Homes  -  Mungo Homes

Social Media Campaign  -  Community  |  Summers Corner  -  Lennar Carolinas

M O D E L  H O M E S 
$300K - $399K  |  Abbey Walk Ashbury Model  -  Crescent Homes
$400K - $499K  |  Edgewood in Hewing Farm
s  -  Mungo Homes
$500K - $599K  |  The Monroe  -  Ashton Woods Homes
  $700K - $799K  |  Fielder Model  -  Toll Brothers
$800K - $899K  |  Wentworth Model  -  Crescent Homes
$900K - $999K  |  The Cooper  -  Lennar Carolinas 
$1 Million+  |  Beacon II  -  Structures Building Company

M O D E L  R O W 
$300K - $399K  |  Horizons at Summers Corner  -  Lennar Carolinas
$400K - $499K  |  Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane B
ay  -  K. Hovnanian Homes

M O D E L  T O W N H O M E S 

$300K - $399K  |  The Tide  -  Ashton Woods Homes
$400K - $499K  |  Ibis at Recess Pointe  -  DRB Homes
$600K - $699K  |  Hobcaw Townhome Model  -  K. Hovnanian Homes

S H O W R O O M S  &  D E S I G N  C E N T E R S 
Associate/Supplier Retail Showroom  |  Flooring  -  Flooring Factory
Associate/Supplier Retail Showroom  |  Lighting, Kitchen & Bath  -  Ferguson Enterprises
Builder Design Center  |  David Weekley Homes
Builder Sales & Information Center |  Lennar Carolinas

R E M O D E L I N G  P R O J E C T S 
Remodeled Home ($199K & Under) |  425 Sweetspire  -  Watts Builders
Remodeled Home ($300K - $399K)  |  Park Lake  -  Peartree Homes
Remodeled Home ($600K - $699K) |  Amaranth  -  Watts Builders
Remodeled Home ($900K - $999K) |  Project X  -  Hunter Quinn Homes
Remodeled Home ($1 Million+)  |  Longoria  -  St. Pierre Construction
Remodeled Historic Space ($400K - $499K)  |  223-A St. Phillips Street  -  Arnett Construction
Remodeled Historic Space (1 Million+)  |  Raising History  -  Sea Island Builders

K I T C H E N  &  B A T H  P R O J E C T S 
Kitchen Remodel  |  Hutchinson Lane  -  Alair Summerville
New Kitchen ($199K & Under) |  Glen Abbey  -  Watts Builders
New Kitchen ($200K - $299K) |  280 Captain Goddard  -  King & Society Construction
New Bathroom ($199K & Under) |  Sweetspire Bathroom  -  Watts Builders
New Bathroom ($200K - $299K) |  3504 Palm Boulevard  -  King & Society Construction

N E W  A D D I T I O N S
$200K - $299K  |  All Seasons Room  -  Wando Builders
$400K - $499K  |  Connifer  -  Watts Builders
$600K - $699K  |  King Main House Addition  -  Hunter Baker Homes & Renovations
$900K - $999K  |  Ralston Creek Additional Structure  -  SHELTER Custom-Built Living

P O O L  /  O U T D O O R  L I V I N G  S P A C E 
$199K & Under  |  434 Fish Tale Road  -  Aqua Blue Pools of Charleston
$400K - $499K  |  Claiborne at Brickyard Crossing  -  Aquatica Pools & Spas
$500K - $599K  |  Nexton Midtown  -  Aquatica Pool
s & Spas

C O M M U N I T I E S 
100 Homes or Less  |  Phillips Creek  -  DRB Homes
100 - 250 Lots  |  Encore Restore at Carolina Park  -  David Weekley Homes
250+ Lots  | Liberty Hill Farm  - K. Hovnanian Homes
55+  |  Horizons at Summers Corner  -  Lennar Carolinas
Multi-Family  |  Recess Pointe
 at Foxbank  -  DRB Homes
Master-Planned Community  |  Summers Corner  -  Lennar Carolinas
Affordable/Workforce Housing
  |  Gregorie Ferry Towns  -  Prosperity Builders

S I N G L E - F A M I L Y  H O M E S 
Ibis Townhomes  -  DRB Homes (ATTACHED)
$400K - $499K  |  The Calhoun  -  Lennar Carolinas
$500K - $599K  |  Chisolm Custom Home  -  Jackson Construction
$600K - $699K  |  680 Gregg Drive  -  New Leaf Builders
$700K - $799K  |  Stonehaven II  -  DRB Homes
$800K - $899K  |  The Hampton  -  Homes by Dickerson
$900K - $999K  |  1111 Bulow Drive  -  New Leaf Builders
$1 - $1.49 Million  |  The Charlotte  -  New Leaf Builders
$1.5 - $1.99 Million  |  Regina Residence  -  Trellis Residential
$2 - $2.49 Million  |  Custom Cypress  -  Crescent Homes
$2.5 - $2.99 Million  |  Harmon  -  Structures Building Company
$3 - $3.5 Million  |  14 Lafar  -  Novella Homes
$3.5 - $3.99 Million  |  The Treehouse  -  Sea Island Builders
$4 Million+  |  Nobels Point 4  -  SHELTER Custom-Built Living

M E M B E R  A W A R D S 
Sales Manager of the Year  |  Wendy Schart  -  Lennar Carolinas
Designer of the Year  |  Travis Arnett  -  Arnett Construction
Marketing Manager of the Year  |  Chantel Wujtow  -  Ashton Woods Homes
Lender of the Year  |  Brian Turner  -  Ameris Bank

Customer Service  |  JacksonBuilt Custom Homes
Community Outreach/Service  |  CARE Program  -  David Weekley Homes

Million Dollar Circle Winners

$5 - 10  M I L L I O N 
Leigh Mason  |  Ashton Woods Homes
Ali Bring  |  Prosperity Builders
James Dominici  |  D.R. Horton
Kris Jones  |  D.R. Horton
John Andrew McDermott  |  D.R. Horton
Samantha Allen  |  David Weekley Homes
Amanda Britt  |  David Weekley Homes
Eric Czarnecki  |  David Weekley Homes
Jordan Marusky  | David Weekley Homes
Laura Ashfield  |  DRB Homes
Jonathan Miller  |  DRB Homes
Candace Spann  |  DRB Homes
Caroline Tomcyz
k  |  DRB Homes
Stephanie Branscum  |  Mungo Homes
Caleb Young  |  Starlight homes
Chase Fields  |  Toll Brothers 
Allie Fregeolle |  Toll Brothers
Kathy Jordan  |  Toll Brothers
Joshua Olson  |  Toll Brothers

$11 - 15  M I L L I O N  
Craig Easterbrook  |  Ashton Woods Homes​
Cofa McCarthy  |  Ashton Woods Homes
Sarah Jenkins  |  D.R. Horton
Matt Martin  |  D.R. Horton
Kevin Reich  |  D.R. Horton
Alyssa Reigel  |  D.R. Horton
Suzanne Ledford  |  David Weekley Homes
Lori Schultz  |  David Weekley Homes
Karen Fitzgerald  |  DRB Homes
Chris Eller  |  Galloway Family Homes
Christy Bartosic  |  Hunter Quinn Homes
Chad Murdock  |  ​Hunter Quinn Homes
Jonathan Polacek  |  Hunter Quinn Homes
Rick Zakrzewski  |  K. Hovnanian Homes
Eric Bailey  |  Lennar Carolinas
Paul Coloneri  |  Lennar Carolinas
Alvin Green  |  Lennar Carolinas
Kasey Montgomery  |  Lennar Carolinas
Pam Woods  |  Lennar Carolinas 
Kenneth Faulk  |  Starlight Homes
Amanda Straub  |  Toll Brothers

$16 - 20 M I L L I O N
Angela McMicking  |  Ashton Woods Homes​
Jessica Micale  |  Ashton Woods Homes
Jim Deutsch  |  D.R. Horton
Harry Enquist  |  D.R. Horton
Randy Floyd  |  D.R. Horton
Kim Ryan  |  D.R. Horton
Courtney Alexander  |  Hunter Quinn Homes
Jackie Bonnett  |  K. Hovnanian Homes
Mike Doebler  |  K. Hovnanian Homes
Jennifer Buck  |  Lennar Carolinas
Neal Crisp  |  Lennar Carolinas
Liz Steiner  |  Lennar Carolinas
Kevin Tripler  |  Lennar Carolinas
Karl Zoller  |  Lennar Carolinas
Bridge Gill  |  Toll Brothers

$21 - 25  M I L L I O N
Mackenzie Pillion  |  Ashton Woods Homes
Shane Ford  |  Center Park Homes
Amanda Shipley  |  Homes by Dickerson
Adriana Popa  |  K. Hovnanian Homes
Adam Rector  |  K. Hovnanian Homes
Lori Albers  |  Lennar Carolinas
Ashley Breeckner  |  Lennar Carolinas
Kim Buck  |  Lennar Carolinas
Debbie Jones  |  Lennar Carolinas
Tina Jones  |  Lennar Carolinas
Jayne Harmon  |  Mungo Homes
Brian Mullinax  |  Mungo Homes
Marcos Vargas III  |  Mungo Homes

$26 - 30
  M I L L I O N
Darrell Connelly  |  D.R. Horton
Kim Owenby  |  D.R. Horton
Lanie Strauss  |  D.R. Horton
Penny Campbell  |  Lennar Carolinas
Missy Firestone  |  Lennar Carolinas
Marta Perez  |  Lennar Carolinas
Jenny Sain  |  Lennar Carolinas
Andy Winter  |  Lennar Carolinas
Ian Schmidt  |  Mungo Homes
Patty Lynn Connell  |  Riverside at Carolina Park
Haley Cuzzell  |  Riverside at Carolina Park

T O P  2 0 2 2  P E R F O R M E R S
Second Runner-Up  -  Michael Piazza  |  Mungo Homes
First Runner-Up  -  Tara Selbo  |  D.R. Horton
First Place  -  Ab Sanchez  |  D.R. Horton 



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